How To Play Flip Cup 2024

How To Play Flip Cup 2024

Flip Cup Rules:

Equipment Needed:

  • 1 plastic cup per player
  • A long table that all participants can comfortably stand around
  • Your choice of beverage (commonly beer)


  1. Split into two teams with an equal number of players. If there are an uneven number of players, one person may have to flip twice.
  2. Each player fills their cup with the same amount of beverage and places it at the edge of their side of the table.

Objective: The team to have all members drink their beverage and flip their cups first wins the game.

How to Play:

  1. At the start signal, the first players on each team chug their beverage. When finished, they place their cup face up on the edge of the table.
  2. Players then use one finger to flip their cup upside down onto the table. The cup should land open side down.
  3. After a successful flip, the next team member can start drinking. If unsuccessful, the player must reset their cup and try again until they succeed.
  4. Play continues in a relay fashion down the line of teammates.
  5. The first team to finish with all cups flipped is the winner.


  1. Players must wait for the previous cup to be flipped before they can start drinking.
  2. Only one hand may be used to flip the cup.
  3. The cup must be set right-side up on the edge of the table before flipping.
  4. If a cup falls off the table, it must be placed back on the edge of the table for another flip attempt.
  5. Team members must stay in the same order throughout the game.

Game End:

  • The game ends when one team has all its members successfully flip their cups. The winning team may challenge another team or play another round.
  • It's common for the losing team to set up the game for the next round.

Safety Tips:

  • Drink responsibly. Pace yourself and know your limits.
  • Always have water on hand to stay hydrated.
  • Never force anyone to participate or drink more than they're comfortable with.
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.


  • Mega Flip Cup: For larger groups, increase the number of cups each person must flip.
  • Survivor Style: After each round, the losing team votes one member out, and the game continues with the remaining players.
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