Pizza Box: The Best Pre-Game You've Never Heard Of 2024

Pizza Box: The Best Pre-Game You've Never Heard Of 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Playing 'Pizza Box'—The Best College Drinking Game 2024

College is not only about lectures, exams, and papers; it's also about making memories and having fun with friends. And what better way to spice up a college party than with a game that combines creativity, chance, and a bit of competitive spirit? Let's dive into the beloved campus game known as "Pizza Box."

What You Need

  • A Pizza Box or a Flattened Beer Case: The bigger, the better, as you'll need room for lots of names and rules.
  • A Quarter: This will be used by players to make their moves.
  • A Marker: To write names and rules on the box.

How to Set Up

  1. Prepare Your Game Board: Flatten out your pizza box or beer case and place it on a table. Make sure there's enough room for all players to easily reach the box.
  2. Initial Setup: Each player writes their name in a random spot on the cardboard and draws a circle around it. Spread out the names to use the space creatively.

Playing the Game

  • Starting the Game: Decide who goes first with a simple draw or by playing rock-paper-scissors.
  • Gameplay:
    • The starting player tosses the quarter onto the box. Aim carefully because where it lands affects the game significantly.
    • If the quarter lands on someone’s name, that person must take a drink, and then it's the next player's turn.
    • If the quarter lands on a blank spot, the player must write a rule in that spot and encircle it. These rules can be as simple or as wild as the player desires.
  • Following Rounds: Gameplay continues with each person getting one chance to flip the quarter per turn. Players must follow any rule they land on, which adds a hilarious or challenging twist to the game.
  • Filling the Box: The game goes on until the box is filled with rules. As the game progresses, the rules typically become more creative and daring, ranging from "sing a song" to "do an impression" or even "call another player’s mom!"

So go out there, get wasted, and drink safely. Enjoy y'all

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