10 Things No One Tells You To Bring to College 2024

10 Things No One Tells You To Bring to College 2024

As you get ready to head off to college, you’ve probably already packed the obvious essentials—bedding, school supplies, and perhaps your favorite snacks. However, after assisting numerous students with their moves, we at Collegeboxes have discovered there are several underrated items that often get overlooked but can significantly enhance your dorm life. Here's our curated list of unexpected college essentials that you won’t want to leave behind.

  1. Water Filter

Dorm water can be hit or miss, and when you’re living with just a mini-fridge, a water filter becomes essential. These convenient devices ensure you always have access to fresh-tasting water right from your tap, saving you both space and frequent trips to the store for bottled water.

  1. Mini Vacuum

Dorm rooms can quickly collect crumbs and dust, especially in tight spaces. A mini vacuum is perfect for quick cleanups and is usually compact enough not to take up much room. For around $20, you can keep your living area tidy without the bulk of a full-sized vacuum.

  1. Bedside Storage

Most dorms lack space for an end table, particularly if you’re in a lofted bed. A bedside caddy or shelf is essential for keeping important items like water, your phone, or a book within easy reach during the night.

  1. Mini Garment Steamer

With limited space, setting up an ironing board is impractical, and irons can be a fire hazard. A mini garment steamer is a safe and quick way to remove wrinkles from your clothes, ensuring you look sharp for presentations, dates, or job interviews.

  1. Portable Charger

Finding an available outlet in common areas like libraries or cafes can be a challenge. A portable charger ensures your devices stay powered up no matter where you are, making it an invaluable tool for busy college students.

  1. Sound-Proof Head Phones

Living in a dorm means dealing with noise at all hours. Whether it’s a snoring roommate or late-night chatter, head phones will be a lifesaver, helping you get the sleep you need without breaking the bank.

  1. Party Shoes

Youre going to want a pair of beater shoes for those nasty late nights in a basement or bar. Nobody tells you how dirty it gets down there, and you’re going to need a pair of shoes that you’re comfortable destroying with no strings attached. 

  1. Electric Kettle

An electric kettle isn’t just for tea lovers. It’s perfect for making anything that requires hot water quickly, like ramen or instant coffee, offering convenience and saving trips to the dining hall.

  1. Keyring Bracelet

It’s easy to misplace keys and student IDs, which are essential daily items. A keyring bracelet is a stylish and practical solution to keep important items close without needing to carry a bag.

  1. First Aid Kit / Tool Kit

Being prepared means having a first aid kit for emergencies and a basic toolkit for quick fixes and setups in your dorm room or apartment. Stock your first aid kit with items like bandages and ibuprofen, and your toolkit with essentials for simple repairs.

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