Weird Things I didn't Know I needed for College 2024

Weird Things I didn't Know I needed for College 2024

It's a common dilemma every new college student faces: deciding what to pack for the big move to campus. The golden rule? It's usually better to underpack than overpack. Arriving with too many belongings can lead to a cluttered and cramped dorm room, and you can always pick up any forgotten items later—thanks to services like Amazon Prime, which offers six months free for students.

To help you strike the right balance, here are some essentials that you might not think to bring but will definitely need:

1. A Fan

If your dorm lacks air conditioning, a fan is crucial. It can make the difference between a comfortable room and a sauna during the early weeks of the school year.

2. A Stapler

Never underestimate the need for a stapler during college. Whether it's for papers or projects, having your own reliable stapler means you're prepared at all times—especially since the communal ones are often missing or broken.

3. Laundry Hamper

Keep your space tidy and your dirty laundry out of sight with a sturdy laundry hamper. It’s a simple addition that can help maintain a clean and organized room.

4. Lights

Good lighting is essential, not just for decoration but for productivity as well. Whether it’s LED strips for a personalized touch or a robust desk lamp for late-night studying, make sure you can see your work (and your walk) clearly.

5. Surge Protector/Extension Cords

For those planning to bring electronics like consoles or TVs, a surge protector is a must. It not only extends your outlet capacity but also protects your gadgets from power surges.

6. A Mirror

Making sure you look presentable is part of daily life, even in college. A full-length mirror can be particularly useful for that last-minute outfit check before classes or social outings.

7. Paper Towels

From cleaning up spills to drying off hands, paper towels are a necessity you will find yourself needing time and again.

8. Refrigerator

A mini-fridge is ideal for keeping snacks, beverages, and leftovers fresh. It’s a lifesaver for those late-night study sessions or when you just need a cold drink after a long day.

9. Box Cutter

If you're a frequent online shopper, a box cutter will prove invaluable. It's perfect for opening packages quickly and safely.

10. Tape

You’ll find countless uses for tape, from fixing torn pages to hanging posters. Like a box cutter, it’s a small tool with big utility.

While there are many packing lists out there, I aimed to highlight some overlooked yet essential items that can make a big difference in your college experience.

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