How to Play Racing Aces: The Best Drinking Game You Didn't Know

How to Play Racing Aces: The Best Drinking Game You Didn't Know

Racing Aces: The Card Game That Turns Any Party Into a Derby

Looking for a way to add some excitement and competitive fun to your next gathering? "Racing Aces," a card-based drinking game, combines the thrill of horse racing with the unpredictability of a deck of cards. This game is easy to set up, loads of fun to play, and perfect for any group ready to bet on their luck and cheer on their favorite suits.

What You Need

  • A Standard Deck of Cards
  • A Table: Enough space to lay out cards in rows.

Setting Up Your Racetrack

  1. Prepare the Deck: Remove the Aces from the deck and line them up vertically on the table, each Ace representing a different "horse."
  2. Shuffle the Remaining Deck: Mix the rest of the cards well to ensure a fair game.
  3. Name Your Horses: Give each suit a creative name to add personality and fun—think along the lines of "Hearts' Hero" or "Spades' Sprinter."

How to Play Racing Aces

  • Place Your Bets: Each player bets a certain number of drinks (from 1 to 5) on which suit they believe will win the race.
  • Start the Race: Flip the top card of the shuffled deck and place it next to the corresponding Ace. For example, if you flip a 7 of Hearts, place it next to the Ace of Hearts.
  • Advance the Horses: Continue flipping cards, placing each one beside its respective suit's Ace. The "horses" advance down the track as more of their suit cards are revealed.
  • Determine the Winner: The first suit to line up 10 cards in its row wins the race.

The Stakes

  • Winning Bets: If your chosen suit wins, you distribute the number of drinks you bet to other players.
  • Losing Bets: If your suit doesn't win, you take the number of drinks you bet.

Tips for Enhancing the Game

  • The Role of the Announcer: Elect someone to be the announcer. Their job is to add excitement by commenting on the race as each card is flipped, selling the highs and lows as suits gain or lose the lead.
  • Variations: Add variations to the game by changing the number of cards that constitute a win or by adding special cards that double the next bet or reverse the play order.

"Racing Aces" is more than just a drinking game; it's a dynamic and engaging way to bring people together. The excitement of betting, coupled with the visual spectacle of the cards racing down the table, creates an energetic atmosphere. It's the perfect game for a lively group looking for laughter, competition, and a touch of strategy.

So, the next time you're looking to kick your party into high gear, bring out the deck and set up a round of Racing Aces. It's a simple setup for a night full of entertainment. Remember, while the aim is to have fun, always ensure that everyone drinks responsibly and is comfortable with the game’s rules.

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